Our Heritage

Our Story

HarriAnns Pte Ltd is a family-run business which has been faithfully passed down for three generations. We specialize in making authentic Peranakan delicacies, including Nonya Kueh and also Teochew-style Glutinous Rice.

Our story dates all the way back to sometime in the late 1940s when our grandmother, Mdm Chia Nga Eng suddenly lost her husband to a freak accident. Having left Melaka to live in Singapore with her husband, Grandma was all alone with no one to depend on. To feed her two sons, she did what she did best – cook.

To earn a living, Grandma started cooking her delicious glutinous rice and handmade her Nonya kueh and peddled them around the Tiong Bahru vicinity using her pushcart. She quickly gained a following of fans who appreciated the quality of her food and admired her resilience and will to survive.

In 1950, the Ministry of Environment clamped down on the street hawkers and food centres were built to legally house all of them in a clean environment. Food-handling licenses were also issued to the hawkers. Grandma then moved into and operated from the Seng Poh Road Market (also known was Tiong Bahru Market) for a few decades. In order to make ends meet, Grandma’s elder son, Harry, quit school to help her at the market.

Grandma retired in 1996 and handed over the market stall, together with her treasured Nonya recipes, to her son Harry and daughter-in-law, Ann. The name “HarriAnns” was then coined by the then 13-year-old Alan, the son of Harry and Ann. The couple continued to delight their customers and fans throughout the years with Grandma’s Signature Glutinous Rice and their wide array of Nonya Kueh, Harry and Ann still faithfully uphold (even till today) Grandma’s traditional techniques of making each kueh painstakingly by hand, using the freshest premium ingredients.

Towards the end of 2013, Harry handed the reins of the business over to his son, Alan who set up HarriAnns Pte Ltd. Under the new leadership, a renewed vigour was injected and a clear sense of direction and purpose was derived. Alan wanted to make authentic Nonya food accessible to the masses too and very quickly, a kitchen in Jalan Bukit Merah was set up to cater to the increasing demands of our customers.

In July 2014, HarriAnns Nonya Table, our first venture from a kiosk to a stand-alone concept café, opened its doors to the public. We wanted to provide our customers a space where they could enjoy our Kopi and Kueh and also steaming hot delicious Peranakan one-dish meals. We also have beefed up on our Western pastries menu to provide a more holistic menu to all our customers at Nonya Table.


Our Mission:

At HarriAnns, we strive to be the leading providing of heritage food in Singapore. Our beliefs are entrenched in the fusion of Traditional recipes and Techniques with contemporary flavours and Trends to consistently create the premium Taste of our products and the best culinary experience for all our customers. We will nurture Talent in this dying field to preserve one of the important cultures in Singapore.


Our Vision:

We want to bring inspiration and happiness to all our customers through our passion and innovation. HarriAnns will become a name synonymous with good heritage food throughout Singapore. Our good food will change the way you think about Tradition and put Singapore heritage food on the culinary map of the world.